Did you get this post twice?

Ciao, friends!

This is my first official post since I made the switch from hosting memo2munch on wordpress.com to self-hosting. And as with any big change, little adjustments have to be made!

Like with subscriptions, for example. Yay complications!

You see, I’m now using a third party service to send out emails about new posts because it allows me to personalize the emails, format them however I want, and control when they are sent out. However, when I transferred my followers over from the wordpress.com blog, it copied the followers who subscibed via email.

If you subscibed via email prior to August 2014, you probably received 2 email messages notifying you of this post. 

One should be from Memo2munch, and the other should be from WordPress.

Unfortunately, because you all subscribed of your own accord, I am not authorized to go in an remove you from the WordPress list. However, I can give you instructions so that you can remove yourselves from the WordPress list, and receive only email updates from Memo2munch. DON’T WORRY! IT’S SUPER EASY AND TAKES 2 SECONDS! This does not apply to WordPress account followers or followers who subscribed after August 20, 2014.

How to remove yourself from the WordPress subscriber list*:

1. Open up the email you received from WordPress notifying you about this post.

2. At the bottom of the email in a gray, shaded area, you should see the text “Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Memo2munch.” Click on unsubscribe. 

DONE! Congratulations!

*This will not remove you from the Memo2munch subscriber list

I know I’ve been kind of MIA recently…The transition took a lot of time and work, and classes have just started back up here at IU. Once things calm down a little, I will be back to posting regularly and we can GET THIS SHOW OF AWESOMENESS ON THE VIRTUAL ROAD.

PS To make up for everything, here’s a picture of prairie dogs taking a family portrait.


2 thoughts on “Did you get this post twice?

  1. This is exciting! Thanks for the instructions. Good things are worth waiting for, so we will look forward to receiving your tips, recipes and yummy photos whenever they arrive!

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