About m2m

Hiiiiiii <3

My name is Molly, & I’m responsible for the mess (albeit a tasty one) that is memo2munch. Welcome!

I’m currently studying to be a registered dietitian in Bloomington, IN. I’m hopelessly in love with dogs and dense, crusty bread. I started m2m as a creative outlet to practice writing and photographing a subject I never get tired of: food.

It’s since evolved over time into a collection of food memories. The recipes on m2m are unique in that they are coupled with the nostalgia they represent. People send me recipes & memories, and I tell their stories here on m2m.

After all, food memories are things we can all relate to.

Disclaimer: I’m not out here to teach you how to cook. Because in all honesty, I don’t *really* know all that much! I’m just a girl who loves food, and who loves to share food, and who loves food’s ability to share people and their memories & experiences.

So yes, I do post recipes with instructions. But more importantly, I share

you can eat.

Want to tell me about your food memory? email me at memo2molly@gmail.com!

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